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I am Thank-God Eboh.A young Nigerian who believes there is honey in the land and refuses to be trampled by " NIGERIAN FACTORS ". I like to talk about knowledge, governance, business,environment, attitude and every other good ingredient that'd make a nation and the world liplicking.
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Friday, March 15, 2013

We always hear this statement; " an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth" and we cruise around it all day without thinking about the implication. Anger that resides in the streets of our hearts will never like to lie low,it wants to fulfill its mission, it wants to maximize its full potential either by making its host throw a coca-cola bottle to the face of a friend, massacre a model-shaped wife. It could also make you tell your Boss to his/her face; "You want me to go, I will go". How will man,this precious sixth-day creation be controlled by  mere "ANGER"? What exactly do we engage in that lures it into the self-contain apartments in our hearts where it uses its only-God-knows raw materials for production.
When it jumps down from its throne, and stands at akimbo, you know no one is safe,even a passerby.But come to think of it; instead of continuing in our search for Love, we are busy sharpening our pen-knife for a revenge.
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will simply make us; mama,papa,uncle,distant cousins and boss to go blind and become toothless.How will our handsome and beautiful faces look like? Will you be able to greet your next door neighbor good morning?
C'mon dudes and divas,learn to let go.Forgive because that makes you feel freedom rather than revenge which keeps you hostage. RELEASE your offenders now and be free..........*progress*


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