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I am Thank-God Eboh.A young Nigerian who believes there is honey in the land and refuses to be trampled by " NIGERIAN FACTORS ". I like to talk about knowledge, governance, business,environment, attitude and every other good ingredient that'd make a nation and the world liplicking.
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Monday, April 11, 2016
Dear President BUHARI,

It's me writing from a 'dark' Nigeria :the country you preside over. I have a suggestion to make but I hear you are now far away in China. We have nothing in our treasury but you thought it wise to use the remnants left by GEJ to trot round the world seeking for loans, even from Liberia. Good to know, but...

How do you feel when you have no money or when virtually the prizes of everything you need as a human doubles within minutes and days without the slightest hope of being slashed soonest? The prize of Sachet water, noodles, transportation, fresh peppers, tomatoes and every form of grocery; imported or not. Nigerians can't live anymore. We just can't.
How can you give hope to the People who now have liquid frustration in their teacups in the mornings, plate of gloom at lunch plus a spoonful of tears and distress and heartbreak for dinner.

You fly away in your presidential jet scooping up some governors to go with you. From whose purse? You see, this is the problem with power and free money: greed and the need for luxury creeps in unconsciously. How can you be cruising while the citizens are gnashing their teeth. This is a bad thing. Are you a bad somebody?

Papa, it took you six good months to appoint ministers and we all hoped that you would pick angels to work with you but to our surprises, you picked people who are still apprentices in their portfolio. They almost don't know their job description. It also took you eight months to unveil a budget. You have less than 36 months to CHANGE Nigeria. You either bleach the country or you put us up for adoption by the tens of countries you have visited and the tens you'd visit in the future.

I understand that people feel differently these days. When one feels Chinese, the one flies to China to abort the urge, when one feels Cameroun, the one goes to Cameroun. This is exactly what you are doing. It is not totally bad. It might be worse than bad. Maybe.

I doubt that your frequent travels will benefit Nigerians immensely. This is because the problem of Nigeria is locally brewed. The solution shouldn't come from any other place but here. You know most of my friends in the USA don't believe that we play with malaria here. How we easily recover from it surprises them. I want you to stay here with us and let's figure this thing out. The countries you are visiting have enough problems of their own and they may suggest you sell us all for a slice of bread. You might be motivated to agree with them.

Did you notice that nobody is chanting change anymore. The few optimistic Nigerians are just using the last ounce of it and will soon run out of optimism. Take a look at the queues in the petrol stations, horrible, isn't it? Imagine someone waking up around 3:00AM just to make it to the Frontline and purchase some liters of the PMS for use. This is so bad.

"I will not disappoint Nigerians" is not the goodnews that we seek. We are tired of any whispering and tellings. We want you to show us. That's all. Bring your evidence along with future plans. Please be result oriented.

I'm writing this with a bleeding heart. The NYSC servants have not been paid the stipend called  allowance. They are being owed even though they are investing one ripe year of their lives to serve our country. Is this how you pay them back?
Uncles and Aunties are being retrenched, some are resigning because companies are adjusting and cannot cope with these bushels of challenges you baptized us with. Your change policy has polluted everywhere. You have less than three years to lay some bricks. I believe in miracles but you may not work wonders with this your slow process. Take it a step at a time but please do not print posters, come 2019.

A concerned educator,
Thank-God Eboh.


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