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I am Thank-God Eboh.A young Nigerian who believes there is honey in the land and refuses to be trampled by " NIGERIAN FACTORS ". I like to talk about knowledge, governance, business,environment, attitude and every other good ingredient that'd make a nation and the world liplicking.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have you read this book? I can at least answer for you in case you have dared to read it.Haven't you read it? Then you are missing......share your testimonies if you've read it.
This book will answer a lot of your questions which have been  lingering in the streets of your heart all these years.You will get to visit your dreams and desires for life and prune them, understand them and know what requirements should propel you.
TIPS; you will know why on earth God has created you........millions of sperm cells swimming towards one egg, only one made it-YOU. Why? have you ever wondered? well, YOU made it on purpose, by purpose and for a purpose.Here's what they said about the book:
"Make sure you're not missing the point of your life—read this book!

The Purpose Driven Life will guide you to greatness-through living the Great Commandment and the Great Commission."

                - Billy Graham and Franklin Graham

"If you only read one book on what life is all about-make it this one! This book is life changing. Rick Warren is absolutely brilliant at explaining our real purpose on earth and stating profound truths in simple ways. Give this book to everyone you care about. Believe me, you'll never be the same after reading this!  What a gift!"
                - Lee Strobel, Author, The Case for Christ

"Disoriented about your direction in life?  Are decisions tough to make and steps hard to take?  If so, Rick Warren has written a masterpiece of wise counsel for you. Whether you are a seeker, a new believer, or a seasoned saint, let God use these pages to place your feet firmly on the right path!"
                - Max Lucado, Author, Traveling Light


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