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I am Thank-God Eboh.A young Nigerian who believes there is honey in the land and refuses to be trampled by " NIGERIAN FACTORS ". I like to talk about knowledge, governance, business,environment, attitude and every other good ingredient that'd make a nation and the world liplicking.
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Monday, February 18, 2013
 Hello fellow Nigerians!
It was as though we've got peppersoup in our hearts as soon as the results of the AFCON 2013 was announced. Nigerians opened their hidden faces as our opponents covered theirs.A lot of uncountable positive and negative words flowed out of our vocal cavity during the course of the tournament.Several persons have written concerning this but mine will be Nigerians-centered. We slandered Ahmed-the restless runner without goals, we nailed Keshi and tied the super eagles in bundles,ready to throw them off the oceans as they return.Undoubtably, we will think our critics earned us victory,it may have but in minute dose.Criticism kills, it makes a potential victor to go down low.I guess the Super Eagles were deaf to all we said as Nigerians and only focused on the prize for going to South Africa.
They've won.How about you? Did you change your slandering attitude? Did you learn to keep believing e'en when hope seems to be in the cloud? Have you decided to act well your part and build the Nigeria of your dream?
Nevertheless, the ball is now in the courts of we-the politicians and their first ladies,the citizens(kidnappers,students,bankers,harlots,L.G workers).Play and win or fail..........I love Nigerians- a nation that keeps believing........yippee!!!!!


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